Meet Our Engineering Team

EDUCATION:  Graduated from NC State University in 1988 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Graduated from NC State University in 1995 with a M.S. in Business Management

EXPERIENCE: Founded Watts Engineers, PLLC in 1997 as a partner with Max D. Watts to prepare designs, specifications and drawings of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems for architects, engineers and commercial, industrial and institutional owners.

Watts Services, Inc. - President and NEBB Certified Test and Balance Professional.  Also perform building inspections of residential, commercial and industrial facilities.  TAB duties include estimation/bidding, field work and supervision of TAB projects.  Supplemental TAB education and experience includes completion of two hands-on courses in testing and balancing of environmental systems through the University of  Wisconsin and annual NEBB chapter recertification seminars.

Maddux Supply Company, Greenville, NC - General Manager of firm providing products, materials and supplies to the construction industry.  Developed marketing strategy and sales plans, recruited employees, served as technical support for customers and sales force, and maintained overall responsibility for operations and financial success.

Electrical Equipment Company, Raleigh, NC - Applications Engineer.  Designed and supervised implementation of control systems involving electric motors, variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers and various sensors.  Directed and supervised technical personnel in building engineered control panel.  Assisted customers with installation and initial startup of equipment and systems.

Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc., Smithfield, NC - Product Development Engineer.  Developed electrical and electronic controls protection circuitry for electric blankets.  Designed and tested wire configurations to reduce electromagnetic field exposure from electric blankets.


  •  NFPA, National Fire Protection Association
  •  NSPE, National Society of Professional Engineers
  •  NEBB, National Environmental Balancing Bureau, Mid-South Environmental Balancing Bureau Chapter


  •   Professional Engineer (#22043)
  •   Electrical Contractor-Unlimited (#7450U)
  •   NC Home Inspector (#774)

TEST & BALANCE   Completed all requirements for NEBB TAB Certified Professional.  Successfully completed the NEBB CERTIFICATION for Testing-Adjusting-Balancing in Air and hydronics.  Certification #3189


Max D. Watts, P.E.
Max D. Watts, P.E.

EDUCATION:  Graduated from NC State University in 1963 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering

EXPERIENCE:  Founded Watts Engineers, PLLC in 1997 as a partner with Michael N. Watts to prepare designs, specifications and drawings of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems for architects, engineers and commercial, industrial and institutional owners.

Founded Watts Services, Inc. in 1992 to provide technical services to the construction and real estate industries.  Services include building inspections for prospective buyers, evaluation of existing HVAC and electrical systems with recommendations for problem solving, and test and balance of HVAC air and hydronic systems.  Perform design and prepare drawings for plumbing mechanical and electrical systems for architects and contractors as an individual doing business as Max D. Watts, P.E..  Stopped performing design work as an individual engineer in 1997 when Watts Engineers was starte

Founded a new construction business in 1977 (along with two partners) and served as president for fifteen years.  The company became a multi-trade construction firm but primarily did mechanical work.  Performed design-build work in the industrial and commercial areas of construction.  Sold business interest in 1992.

Colt Industries, Inc., Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Employed as Engineering Vice President from 1971 to 1977.  Duties included product and facility design.  Resigned in 1977 to start construction business

General Electric Co., Various Locations – Employed in manufacturing management from 1963 to 1971.  Duties included equipment and facility design.  Resigned in 1971 to be employed at Colt Industries, Inc.


  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Past President of Western Piedmont Home Builders Association (Morganton, NC)


  •       Professional Engineer (#4808)
  •       General Contractor-Building Classification (#31507) 
  •       Electrical Contractor-Unlimited (#7450U)
  •       Mechanical Contractor-Plumbing/Heating Groups 1, 2 & 3  -- Class 1 (#7657)
  •       NC Home Inspector (#50)

D. Scott Lane, P.E.
D. Scott Lane, P.E.

EDUCATION:  Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1997 with a Mechanical Engineering.

EXPERIENCE:  WATTS Services, Inc. - Vice President and TAB Division Manager. 

A B.S. in mechanical engineering coupled with seven years of experience in the HVAC field has led to a working knowledge of a broad and diverse range of environmental systems and related pneumatic and digital controls.  Additional experience and education include trade courses completed for hydronic system(s) maintenance, heating/cooling load calculation, duct design, modern refrigeration and air conditioning, and proportional controls for HVAC systems.  Present responsibilities include estimation and bidding of TAB projects, supervision and performance of TAB projects (air and hydronic), and assemblage of final TAB reports.

MILLS Engineering - Worked full time (1997-1999) for mechanical engineering consulting firm after receiving B.S. in mechanical engineering.  Performed mechanical ventilation evaluations of industrial textile HVAC systems and provided clients with a detailed report of testing results, inspection findings, and recommendations for enhanced system(s) operation.  Also supervised two other teams of technicians performing the same types of evaluations.  Developed a checklist type of inspection system for textile process machinery which, after implemented, decreased labor by 25% with a corresponding increase in net profits.  Resigned position in May 1999 to become TAB division manager at WATTS Services, Inc.

Mills Engineering - Worked part time during college (1992-1997) with mechanical engineering consulting firm specialized in the design, testing, and evaluation of industrial textile HVAC system components.  Performed mechanical evaluations of industrial air washers and air filtration systems.  Evaluations included measurement of air flows via pitot tube traverse, measurement and balancing of hydronic systems, static pressure readings and profiles of fans and air moving equipment, and balancing of suction static pressures at individual textile process machinery.


  • NSPE, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Fraternity)
  • NEBB, National Environmental Balancing Bureau, Mid-South Environmental Balancing Bureau Chapter

NC LICENSES         

  • Professional Engineer (# 30500)
  • North Carolina Home Inspector (# 1401)
  • NEBB Certified Professional, Certification (#3189)